Autobax - BEE Certificate

Strives to conduct business in a manner which conforms to relevant international standards, regulations, legislation and other applicable obligations.
The company shall implement and maintain an Occupational Health and Safety Management System which conforms to the requirements of an international recognize standard known as OHSAS 18001; Occupational Health Safety Assessment Series, as amended and revised from time to time.
Executive Management is committed to continually improve the company's SHEQ Management System and shall ensure the availability of required resources to achieve these objectives. Autobax shall ensure that its Occupational Health & Safety Management System is developed, documented, implemented, communicated and maintained throughout all levels in the orginisation which will be achieved by:
Identifying, assessing, managing and communicating significant risks affecting stakeholders;
Complying with applicable legislation and related customer requirements;
Defining its objectives and targets which include the reduction and prevention of pollution;
Continually measuring, reviewing and improving its OHS objectives;
Training and developing its staff and providing the applicable resources to meet OHS goals;
Ensuring that the fundamental human rights of employees, contractors, communities and affected stakeholders are safeguarded against any unacceptable exposure and risk;
Minimising the impact on the environment through managing any associated risks;
Reviewing this policy annually as a minimum in order to ensure that it remains appropriate to relevant international standards, regulations, legislation and other legal obligations.

Regular communication with all stakeholders shall be undertaken to ensure that they are conversant with the status of these objectives.


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